Maxine Peake in Silk BBC 2x01

basically the most important scene in the whole programme

mainly for amydunnes


I miss silk and Martha Costello… *cries*


Favourite scene from Silk BBC 2x01

"If you have a minute, you might mention to your senior clerk that my diary goes deep into next year…

Peter Moffat answering the last scene for Radio Times magazine 12-18th April 2014.

(sorry this is so belated, life got busy and I forgot where I had put this magaazine)

Anonymous asked:
I just rewatched episode 6 (because I’m a masochist) and I have to know, was that Martha’s desk Clive and Harriet had sex on?? Someone please tell me it wasn't.

Ohhh, I hadn’t thought about that but, yeah it might have been… DAMN IT CLIVE I HATE YOU MORE

Just so you know: there are hundreds of online petitions to bring Silk back and I’m all for fan support but I won’t be publicizing them here. I believe that if the show wanted to end like that and cast members were adamant they wanted to leave then it should be allowed to.

P.S. I bought Radio Times and will try to snap the article in a bit. :)


"I’m telling you. Begging you. Walk away. No, run. Run for your life."

-Silk 3x06 - series finale

Who am I ?


first gif I’ve ever made…and it’s so heartbreaking :’(

-Silk 3x06