Anonymous asked:
I just rewatched episode 6 (because I’m a masochist) and I have to know, was that Martha’s desk Clive and Harriet had sex on?? Someone please tell me it wasn't.

Ohhh, I hadn’t thought about that but, yeah it might have been… DAMN IT CLIVE I HATE YOU MORE

Just so you know: there are hundreds of online petitions to bring Silk back and I’m all for fan support but I won’t be publicizing them here. I believe that if the show wanted to end like that and cast members were adamant they wanted to leave then it should be allowed to.

P.S. I bought Radio Times and will try to snap the article in a bit. :)


"I’m telling you. Begging you. Walk away. No, run. Run for your life."

-Silk 3x06 - series finale

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first gif I’ve ever made…and it’s so heartbreaking :’(

-Silk 3x06


Maxine Peake | Martha Costello | Silk 

I really hope that it comes across. You do worry. It’s this thing again: female, in her thirties, single… But what I wanted to get across was that she’s not unhappy. What’s great about it is she isn’t looking for a partner, she isn’t desperate to meet somebody. She loves what she does and she’s passionate about it.’[x]

Anonymous asked:
in this week's radio times apparently peter moffatt explains the ending of Silk..i dont live in UK so cant provide, can anyone else do so?

I will buy it at some point and put pics up if nobody already has it :)

koo-koo-kachooo asked:
I just want to say how much I love your blog. Silk is my life, and I have become extremely addicted! How amazing is it?! The gif sets you have are beautiful and it always makes me happy every time I visit your blog. As an aspiring Peter Moffat (barrister turned screenwriter), I'm currently working on Series 4 of Silk (as in I'm actually writing it) in my spare time! My life ambition is to be Martha Costello, so watch out; you will all know me one day!

Thank you for this!! Although I can’t take credit for any of the sets fom this series, they belong to whoever first posted them! :)
Ooo, good luck with all your future plans!

Anonymous asked:
I'm generally just bemused. Was that seriously the desired ending for the entire series?? It doesn't make sense. I found Clive to be what he was at the beginning, an easily-flattered, selfish little boy who doesn't deserve Martha. We saw at the end that he clearly does care about her but he would never ultimately be the right person for her as you've all said. I found it a bizarre u-turn given the character growth this series but everyone seemed bizarre in this episode so maybe that's the point.

Maybe that episode was just one of the character’s messed-up dreams… maybe the whole series was.